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ACME Delivery


March 6th, 2009

09:33 pm - Penguicon Ribbons

I'm not asking about them this time around, as it's all been decided already. Hopefully this time the plain ACME ribbons will be printed correctly. I won't be trying as hard to give them away as fewer were ordered. Yep, one place ACME is cutting back is those ribbons.

I'll have four ribbons to give away:

ACME - These go to pretty much anyone who wants one, while they last.

ACME CUSTOMER - These go to folks who get (or have ever gotten) an ACME delivery. (These are the same as last year as it's still same stock.)

ACME SUPPLIER - These will go to folks who have sent or supplied delivery items to me directly. There are very few of these as this is a surprisingly small group.

And there is one other ribbon that will be almost as rare as the "supplier" ribbons that I have some of my own discretion about. I'm keeping that one something of a mystery for now. I'd like to say it was just for the suspense, but I'm also a bit nervous about these. I wasn't given a choice in the text on these, or the others, really. But the others are about ACME. These are a bit more personal and I wonder why ACME is supplying me with them.

Current Mood: [mood icon] a bit puzzled

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May 3rd, 2008

03:50 pm - Ribbons again

Recently I realized that the whole ribbon problem might not be over. Sure, I managed to give away all the misprinted "ACME" ribbons. And I figured next year I'd only need to have those and it wouldn't be apt to get screwed up. Except... there can now be a third ribbon. To "ACME" and "ACME Customer" could be added "ACME Supplier" which brings up a couple questions. Obviously, one is how to keep the same screw-up that happened this year from happening again. The other is the matter of what color scheme to use for the new ribbon. Fortunately there's several months before those become very pressing.

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February 20th, 2008

05:25 pm - Ribbon resolution. I hope.

The badge ribbons for Penguicon have been decided upon and production will soon be underway. Now I shouldn't have to deal with them until Penguicon. There are two designs. One is a simple ACME ribbon anyone can get. It's yellow with black text that simply reads ACME.

The other ribbon is black with gold text that reads ACME CUSTOMER and is only available to those who get (or have gotten) an ACME delivery. That is, even if someone doesn't get a delivery this Penguicon, but did in the past, they are entitled to this ribbon. No delivery, no ribbon. I just hope the.. more avid.. ribbon collectors understand this. I don't get to wear this ribbon either, even if I do use ACME products.

Current Mood: [mood icon] relieved

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