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ACME Delivery


November 17th, 2009

08:04 am - No Miracle

Nope, no MFF for this ox this year. What reservations there were have been cancelled. Oddly, I will have the extended weekend (Friday-Monday) off but it doesn't help enough as I just can't go on my own. I suppose it's meant as a consolation and I don't mind the time off, but it feels a bit like rubbing it in.

At least I have heard things might be picking up and not just for the holiday rush. It looks like I might make Penguicon again next year, though RCFM might be a bit dubious.

Current Mood: [mood icon] disappointed

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May 18th, 2009

05:29 am - RCFM stuff piles up, Of Penguicon photos, and strange vehicles

It's not a big, huge pile, but it is there and almost complete. All but three or four items for RCFM are ready to go. There are not as many items as for Penguicon (whew!) and not many big ones, either. A few items are quite small, too.

I have yet to see any photos of the deliveries at the wedding at Penguicon or of the delivery at Opening Ceremonies. There likely weren't that many folks carrying cameras at the wedding and I understand a wedding photographer skipping a delivery even as odd as it might be (or just not having a decent view for a photo), but nothing from opening ceremonies? That's a surprise. I don't expect to see much of myself, but, well, were folks too busy picking their jaws up off of the floor to take pictures of that tigress?

It's always weird using a strange vehicle. I have a different delivery vehicle for a couple days and I'll probably be used to it about time to be rid of it. The big problem is that it's a shared vehicle so no personal anything gets left in it. And the radio will always be too loud and poorly set when I start out. I just shut the thing off rather than fiddle with it.

Current Mood: awake

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January 21st, 2009

06:00 am - Oh yeah, RCFM photos

The ACME Delivery photo gallery for RCFM 2008 ("Deep Six") is in place now. It has been for a few days, really. I do wonder what happened to that rope. Hopefully it was untied and put to better or at least non-use.

Current Mood: awake

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May 27th, 2008

05:45 pm - Back from RCFM

Finally got back from RCFM. I had a good time, and only had one last-minute delivery but that one was quite memorable. Alas I did spend some considerable time trying to find a couple recipients. I misheard one name and a parcel was therefore mislabeled. It got delivered to the correct person despite that, and according to the RCFM "Wheel of Blame" it was all his fault anyway. I do hope the delivered item compensated a bit for that dubious honor.

There was almost a second unscheduled delivery, but by the time I got the call about it, I was well on my way back. I can only wonder who wanted what delivered to whom. I wonder if anything much will be happening before MFF in November. That's the next scheduled convention, at least that I know about.

Current Mood: [mood icon] relaxed

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May 22nd, 2008

05:03 pm - Arrived Huntsville.

Arrived Huntsville. Am checked in. Mostly unpacked. Officially I don't have any deliveries until tomorrow, but if I recognize some folks after supper, I might get a head start. Or just offer candy to the crowd or something.

Current Mood: [mood icon] hungry

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May 21st, 2008

09:15 pm - Long day, more to do.

I'm more than halfway to Huntsville, which is good. It was a long day and the result is that I am somewhat tired. And I'm not sure, but it looks like there could be an added delivery. That shouldn't be a big deal, either way.

I should get to Huntsville sometime in the afternoon tomorrow. And then I can start working/recovering/both.

Current Mood: [mood icon] tired

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May 20th, 2008

07:43 pm - Rocket City, here I come!

The parcels to be delivered at RCFM are all ready, or as ready as they can be without the convention having started. I'm all packed up and ready to go, and will be heading for Huntsville starting fairly early tomorrow morning.

There fewer parcels to be delivered, so far, than I had at Penguicon so maybe I can take it a little easier. Of course, more could be be added to the list at any moment, so I'm not counting on anything.

And it looks like breakfast is included with the hotel stay, so that will take care of one meal. And I'm not concerned about the menu since hotels always have cereal. I'm an ox, I like grain, OK?

Current Mood: [mood icon] cheerful

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