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ACME Delivery


February 23rd, 2009

02:55 pm - Journal now embedded on the ACME site.

My journal page on the ACME Delivery site had only a link to the journal before.

Today, with no small amount of technical assistance, that changed. The journal page now has the journal embedded right on it like it really should. The style will suffice, though I think it's possible to do a bit better. It was just the better looking of the two fairly uncluttered styles I found.

I uncovered a couple snags while doing all this. The IJ embedding information isn't there or isn't being generated right, but I got around that by looking at the LJ embedding information. Which, for python, seems to also be rather lacking and the code I wound up using doesn't look quite like LJ's example. Worse, the 'styleid' in the example, 101, doesn't seem to exist on IJ.

I've been looking for the right forum or community to ask if there is any guide to the active styleid numbers. I found a bunch that show different calendar views and different friends list views, and a few that show the journal itself. I know I can make a custom style, but if there is already one I'd like it doesn't make sense to repeat the work. If what I am really after doesn't exist, then it makes sense to do that work. And others might appreciate having that style option if there's a place to tell folks about it.

What am I after? Something a bit plainer than what I have for the journal if viewed on IJ itself. On IJ, it makes sense to have the sidebar with all the links. On the embed, those links don't need to be there. A few can be at the top like on the embed right now (that's style 29, by the way). It would be nice to have the icons accompanying every entry, too. Right now, I know how to get the icons or how to get away from the sidebar links, but not at the same time.

Current Mood: [mood icon] nerdy

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November 27th, 2007

07:30 am - "Totally Insaney"

The InsaneJournal folks say that I, or my account, is now "Permanently Insane." That's right, I now have a permanent account.

The main thing that means is that the ads on my account are gone, which seems more rather than less sane. I also have a whopping 300 icon spaces to use if I choose. Right now I am using... four. I'll have more eventually, but some photoprocessing has to happen first.

Oh, and I can now post polls here, too.

Current Mood: [mood icon] happy

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November 4th, 2007

10:40 am - The blog starts here.

Someone said I ought to have a blog. So now I do. Hopefully I have the settings right and I can stop fiddling with the adjustments.

For those that do not know me, here's the short version: I'm an ox and I deliver stuff for ACME.

To answer a couple questions that I figure might come up about my being here:

Why InsaneJournal?

Working on the ACME Delivery site is enough work. (Someone says ACME needs a web site, I mention it at work, and I end doing that work too.) I know I'm not up to dealing with the likes of WordPress and such. Others have already solved the problem and built a site that works. Also, the price is right. Free is good, the paid rate is low, and even permanent accounts aren't very expensive. There have been hints that there will be a "Black Friday" sale. I might look into that, since I won't have to fight a crowd to do it on-line.

Why not LiveJournal?

I considered it, but even though my friends and acquaintances have accounts there, a couple things put me off. While it can also be free, the paid rates are higher and the permanent accounts only offered sporadically and then at a rather steep fee. Further, some actions in the last year or so make me uncomfortable. Not all of them, but enough that I think their word is suspect. So I will not tie myself to them, and I will certainly not be giving them any money. A few years ago I might have thought otherwise.

Oh yeah, welcome to my journal!

Current Mood: [mood icon] accomplished

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