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ACME Delivery


November 1st, 2008

10:02 am - I'm scarier than ninjas, vampires, and pirates?!

And I'm almost as scary as zombies?! That's according to this poll.

What, me scary? Aww, come on. I suppose I could be if I really tried, but I don't. Not often anyway. I have no reason to be intimidating.

Alright, it's not just me. It's me with an ACME parcel for you. One person even said that, " Orvan with a package for you is scarier than all of them combined and doubled!" with the "them" being ninjas, pirates, vampires, and zombies. Sheesh. You'd think every ACME item was insanely dangerous. Evidently some folks do think that. Which is curious as I've had folks look for their names on the delivery signature sheet and express disappointment at not finding them there. So not everyone is worried that might get something from ACME. Some are concerned that they won't.

Still... me, scary? Come on.

Current Mood: [mood icon] surprised

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