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ACME Delivery


January 6th, 2009

06:19 pm - It's been a while and there's this calendar thing again.

Wow, it's as if I forgot about the journal. Well, I haven't. It just seemed like it. I kept on figuring I'd make an entry about this or that and then not getting around to actually doing so.

One of things being done, besides dealing with the holidays, while I was neglecting this journal was taking care of the 2009 ACME calendar. And sheesh, what a thing that wound up being. The posing for December (the photo for which did not properly processed until way late... and don't blame the photographer) wasn't too bad. At least not compared to the endless meetings about what to do for 2009 since there just weren't enough readily available images built up through the year.

I figured a few nice scenic photos would be nice, but that idea went nowhere. So did a bunch of others. No, 2009 will look like 2008 should have. Yep, the 2009 calendar uses the new images. Look for yourself if you must. And then, as if that wasn't screwy enough, I got to go and revert all the progress on 2008 to the original images! Yes, really.

Hopefully that sort of nonsense won't be happening again. The 2010 calendar images will be taken during 2009, at least. And I'm stuck in them yet again. Sometime in the next few days the December picture, and maybe the January picture, will be taken. I say "picture" but it won't be one each. It'll be a bunch that all look almost alike and somehow one will be the Right One. I do get to keep my clothes on this time around, at least.

Hey, if anyone reading as ideas for what do for various months and they aren't outright repeats of the 2008 and 2009 images, I'm... well, I suppose I am curious. And a bit worried what folks might come up with.

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October 12th, 2008

09:15 am - October and November

The new October and November ACME Calendar images are up and in place now. October has been for a few days, I just haven't said anything about it until now.

I wasn't that nervous in the October shot, but more frustrated. So many times of "let's do that again" and I have dark suspicions about a few shots taken after the line wore through. Goofy setup. It could have been made to just look like that, but no. In the name of realism it was just like it looked and there were a few ropes cut through. Seems rather wasteful to me.

The session for November went much better. At least I got to keep something on for all of that. And I got to pick the color, at least. A nice dark blue seemed good, to avoid any more nonsense like what happened during the shoot for July. I do look good in November, though I think at least some of that is good retouching work.

Only December to go, for this year. It will so nice to have that over and done. I really hope the pictures for next year will all be like those I posed for about a week ago. That is, fully clothed.

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October 3rd, 2008

10:15 pm - No deliveries today.

No deliveries today. Instead it a was a photo shoot day. A bunch of photos, some of which might wind up being used for the 2009 calendar. Some photos by a corn field, some at park, and even at and in a genuine get-in-and-close-the-door phone booth. I didn't change in there, Superman style. No reason to change clothes (I got keep them on for all the photos this time. I liked this shoot.), not enough room in there, and it wasn't that old a phone booth that it had opaque sides. Those aren't all of the places, but there are lots of photos. I have no idea which ones will be used, if any. I haven't even seen any of them yet.

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September 9th, 2008

08:34 pm - September calendar

ACME 2008 Calendar Index

I made good and sure that I had the beach ball ready for this picture, and that it was opaque. Not transparent, not translucent, opaque. And no, that's not a backdrop. At least the shoot was on a warm day with enough of a breeze to blow any bugs away. It still took far too long.

I'm a bit surprised I haven't had to pose for any 2009 images yet. Maybe they'll feature (pick on) someone else? Nah, I wouldn't be that lucky.

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July 1st, 2008

06:30 pm - It was a setup!

Remember the white swim outfit for the July calendar image? The one I was told was an early prototype because of the problem with white fabrics being transparent when wet, and not wanting to pull anything from inventory? That was no prototype. It was pulled from stock. But it's not a problem with the white stuff in stock. You can get a regular ACME swim outfit in white and it will keep you properly covered, for what it covers.

Ah, but that's the regular item. There are other items. The things not in the catalog left on the coffee table, but the stuff of the catalog more likely to be hidden in a dresser drawer. That catalog. What I was given was an item from that catalog. Perhaps one of the more tame items, but still. It was a setup. And I got caught by it. Blast. It does explain why that session went on so long. They were waiting for the "perfect wave" and it didn't happen for some time. I won't be filing a harassment suit, but I am now wondering just how to respond or reply to this.

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June 18th, 2008

08:45 pm - New July and August calendar images

ACME 2008 Calendar Index

The new pictures for both July and August are in place now. July wasn't too bad, but I was wondering what all the waiting was about. That's the nice picture for the public to see. There was another one taken a moment or two later, after the wave hit. Water and white swimsuits don't mix, at least not that one. I wasn't given an actual finished product as that would have had to be pulled from inventory. Instead it was some early prototype, done before the problem with wet and white was caught. I suspect there are a few copies going around that I'd rather did not exist. Also, it's not easy to hold a "wink" for a long time.

August was more active work, but easier to do if that makes sense. Much less fiddling around for that picture. The "rope" has a steel rod core so going downhill isn't a race against the wagon it looks like would happen. And the back of the harness is more complicated that the front suggests. I'm not sure why the wink is there in this one, but the photographer and art director both wanted it.

I'm a bit concerned about the September picture. I overheard a mention of a transparent beach ball. And a lot of giggling. That can't be good.

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June 6th, 2008

02:09 pm - June calendar

The new June calendar image is ready and in place. And now I have the afternoon off, which suits me just fine. Those crates were not props.

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April 29th, 2008

05:54 pm - ACME Site updated today after all

I thought it would take longer, but once I had the pictures ready things went pretty quick. I've got the schedule pages, product pages, gallery updated, and even the new May picture for the calendar. I'd have been able to finish the rest sooner if hadn't been for that picture. Only a few photos could be taken at a time and then it was wait for the plane to come around again.

Oh, links? Very well:

Penguicon 6.0 Gallery

Product page

That calendar

I'll have more to say later, but right now I'm getting away from all this for a while.

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April 2nd, 2008

06:10 pm - Foolery of April

I've heard [info]vakkotaur rant some about marketing types and now I've had my own experience with such. If you look, you'll find a new version of the April picture on the 2008 ACME calendar. You don't have to tell me that it's wrong in a few ways. I know. I just wish I could have gotten that through a thick skull or three.

I want it known that I have nothing against the photographer. The photographer managed to make things look pretty good, I think. I probably look much better in that picture than I ever do in person. The wannabe art director who set up the design of the shot... could use a clue. Unless the image is meant to be some April Fool's joke, which is just possible, but I wish someone would have told me if that was the case.

What's wrong? I am wearing a yoke, which is normal for a field ox, so that's fine. But it's only there to have ACME's name on it. It provides no pull at all. None. It's just a prop, or rather a billboard. The harness that is connected is less than practical. I speak from experience. Action shots were tried. Whoever came up with that design needs to wear it and try it for themselves. But as bad as the harness is, the real corker is that plow. There's no guide for it and it really, truly does not work. The attempted action shots proved that. It was so obvious even a marketing exec could see that something was wrong. I'm glad that that alleged plow is just a prop and not an actual ACME product.

I can only wonder what other silliness awaits me for the rest of the calendar re-shoots.

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February 4th, 2008

09:15 pm - New month, new image, long day

I spent part of the day posing again, for the new February calendar image. Not my favorite things to do, especially considering how I was (not) dressed. On the other hand, I'd really like to look as good as that image. That is not, alas, what I see in the mirror.

The rest of day took a while, dealing with the snow and the drivers who believe that they can drive in it. There is ample evidence to call such belief into question. Snow, which can have ice under it, is not dry pavement. Some folks seem to be surprised by this. In February! I've never liked the "dumb as an ox" line, but I'll use it now. I *AM* an ox, and these people are dumber than I am. What's that say about them?

I don't think it was the same truck I pushed after the last big snow, but I wound up pushing a pickup again. At least this guy didn't go down the hill. He just had the misfortune to have a two-wheel drive truck with an empty bed on a patch of ice covered by the snow.

And then there was the time spent dealing with snow at home. Walkway, driveway, and since I really didn't have anything better to do, a couple of the neighbor's driveways. The upside is that I was away from the telephone pretty much all day. So if I got any campaign phone calls, I wasn't around for them.

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January 3rd, 2008

07:05 pm - I'd rather be out delivering.

It's cold out. Single digit cold. And I'd rather have been out delivering in that all day than what I did do today. As if the calendar bit wasn't enough, some folks want to re-do all the images for it.

That means I wind up posing for those images all over again. And they can't just do it all at once, no, they have to do it month by month so I get to do this at least eleven more times just for this year.

Granted, I probably do look better in the new January picture than in the old, but I think that's more what can be done with PhotoShop than anything I've done. I fear this might be one long year.

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December 14th, 2007

10:15 pm - Sometime's it's easy, and sometimes... not so much.

I've been busy with the ACME Delivery web site. I think I know a bit more about doing image editing efficiently, or at least effectively after the last few days. The result of that can seen in the ACME 2008 Calendar.* The graphic titles and grid and numbers might look easy... well, I suppose they are. But only after finding a few wrong or at least bad ways to do things.

For example, the yellow text on black in the graphics? It's not simply putting yellow text on a black background. Maybe it is for someone else, who really knows what s/he's doing. I tried it and it looked miserable. It was all blocky and no soft edges at all. I had to print blue on white and invert the colors. That's not a difficult step, but it took me a while to figure out I needed to do that.

There's plenty more to do. Photo galleries will take some time. And I have to come up with an "about" page for myself. Yuck. I can write in this journal just fine, but that bugs me. I don't care to write an autobiography, even if it's just a short highlight version. And I need to come up with an introduction page to the "Meet Orvan" part of the site that isn't the same as the "about" page.

And then there's the part I thought would be easy. Everybody and their alien abductor seems to know ACME, right? Everybody but the press. I figured finding some positive press wouldn't be much more than a couple web searches. Not so. There's plenty of press releases by other companies with ACME in their name, but that seems to be it. I'd ask what Marketing has been doing all this time, but I fear if I do I'll end up with that job too.

The testimonials section should be a bit easier. At least I have heard there are a few folks willing to supply testimonials. I just have to recall who they are and find them again.

* The term "beefcake" is all sorts of wrong.

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