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ACME Delivery


April 25th, 2009

09:15 pm - A week from right now...

I hope to have most, if not all, deliveries done at Penguicon. Then I can relax and enjoy myself without worrying about things much.

This week will seem both fast and slow, I expect. Fast as in "Is everything ready? Sure about that?" and slow as in "Is it time to go yet?"

I have a few discretionary deliveries this time (I get to pick the recipient[s]... a bit of ACME advertising/promotion, really) and a few informal items. I know where most of those will go, just not sure of when.

Current Mood: [mood icon] excited

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April 24th, 2009

07:49 am - Wow, the elves have been busy.

I know it's not elves, or at least not just elves. But it seems like a fair stack of stuff appeared pretty much overnight. All items for Penguicon. I know some items aren't ready yet, as I checked everything against the list that goes with it all.

While it might not all take up as much room as last year's Penguicon run did, I am pretty sure there more are individual parcels. Looks like I'll be rather busy. I hope I'll have some time for myself.

Current Mood: [mood icon] impressed

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April 22nd, 2009

01:28 am - Whew! Crisis averted.

Somehow I had been scheduled to be delivering at Penguicon, starting sometime Friday morning, and still be working my usual route that same Friday morning. I only just caught that problem this, well, yesterday now, morning.

The problem has been dealt with, but it took long enough for things to get back to me. I was wondering if I might end up missing at least part of Penguicon this year. That would not be good. Especially as there is supposedly one rather special delivery, that cannot be delayed, scheduled around midday on Friday.

I'm up late. It's a combination of nervousness over things all day and relief. I don't have all the details on a couple deliveries and that isn't helping me get any sleep either. Still, I feel much better than I did a few hours ago.

Current Mood: [mood icon] relieved

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April 17th, 2009

05:14 am - When is shipper not a shipper?

I've been a bit bewildered of late as I've seen folks use the word "shipper" and "ship" in ways that didn't make sense. Turns out that these folks were speaking of others relationships and dropping the relation part of the word. Then they describe themselves (or maybe it's others calling these folks that) as "shippers."

Real shippers ship things. Move stuff. Shift materiel. Convey items. Haul cargo. Those folks yapping about relationships are not shippers in any sense of the word, as the only thing they move is their mouths. There is a word that does describe those who endlessly prattle on about others relationships, and the name accurately describes what they do. So what are they? They are gossips.

Current Mood: [mood icon] grumpy

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April 8th, 2009

09:52 pm - Dedicated to me? Wow.

A bit ago I mentioned the comic Minos the Minotaur and the person (or persons, or personalities...) replied to my post about it. Specifically, a word I used was mentioned as being likely to show up in the comic.

It did. And it was even corrected. Evidently I'd been misspelling and mispronouncing it for some time. I should go back and correct it in that other post.

The news below the comic, which seems not to be archived with the comic strip, alas, had something surprising. I'll quote part of it here since I cannot find a sure way to permanently link to it:

By the way, the word EXCRETA was provided by Orvan Ox, who gladly showed us the way to a thesaurus! He truly is the FINEST OF THE FINE OF THE BOVINE KIND! This strip is dedicated to you! (I hope you're not embarrassed. Nobody should be embarrassed here. Not even the Dumb bum crew!)

No, I am not embarrassed. I am pleasantly surprised at the dedication and impressed, or perhaps astonished, by the high compliment preceding the mention of the dedication. Thank you, Dumb bum crew!

Current Mood: [mood icon] grateful

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March 25th, 2009

07:42 pm - It's officially official.

Just because I told about some ribbons ordered for Penguicon doesn't mean that I would be there. Well, I will be there. I've been given a preliminary delivery list. It's still rather sketchy and "subject to change" which means, more than a month out, that it will change. But that's not a problem. It's just nice to know I'll be going back to Penguicon again.

Current Mood: [mood icon] cheerful

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March 11th, 2009

10:14 pm - Speaking of Excretia jokes...

Tax what?

Current Mood: [mood icon] shocked

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06:52 pm - The TragiComic Tale of Minos

It's someone else's art, not mine. Someone (or a group?) going by the name "Dumb Bum" has a comic about Minos, the Minotaur. Having a similar though not identical build (not physique, alas) this caught my interest.

It's the story of, well, a simpleton... at times at dolt... and at times not so much. Idiot-not-quite-Savant perhaps? Minos is trapped in a maze or labyrinth and wants out... and death would be an acceptable way out for him. You'd think it would be easy. Folks die by accident all the time. Minos is different.

One thing, while the portrayal of the maze changes, it's always simple. So simple anyone should be able to escape it in a few minutes even if only by luck. But Minos is neither smart nor lucky about mazes. Since he can't seem to get out alive, he's hoping to die - but his luck is even worse there.

When I first saw the comic I wasn't sure what to make of it. Should I be insulted? How could any bovid (or part-bovid) be that stupid? And more than a little of the humor is rather crude. Excretia* jokes are common.

But this Minos is a fiction. A sort of worst-case down-on-his-luck everybull, in his own crude simple way. The story, such as it is, plays with emotions some: You wind up wanting him to succeed, and then being grateful he fails as his success would end him and the comic.

The 100th strip has just been put up. It's a little mini-adventure that demonstrates the sort of luck Minos has. If you want to start there, Be Minos and choose your (mis)adventure. Or you can start at the beginning.

And [info]vakkotaur? A centaur shows up at times, too.

* ADDENDUM (08 April 2009): The Dumb bum crew, as suggested in the reply below, did use the word - but they corrected it, as well they ought. It should be, and is, "excreta" without any 'i' in the word. I've been getting it wrong for some time. No longer.

Current Mood: [mood icon] amused


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March 6th, 2009

10:04 pm - What someone says my initials say about me.

It's one of those web quiz things so take it with a lick of salt.

OO )

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09:33 pm - Penguicon Ribbons

I'm not asking about them this time around, as it's all been decided already. Hopefully this time the plain ACME ribbons will be printed correctly. I won't be trying as hard to give them away as fewer were ordered. Yep, one place ACME is cutting back is those ribbons.

I'll have four ribbons to give away:

ACME - These go to pretty much anyone who wants one, while they last.

ACME CUSTOMER - These go to folks who get (or have ever gotten) an ACME delivery. (These are the same as last year as it's still same stock.)

ACME SUPPLIER - These will go to folks who have sent or supplied delivery items to me directly. There are very few of these as this is a surprisingly small group.

And there is one other ribbon that will be almost as rare as the "supplier" ribbons that I have some of my own discretion about. I'm keeping that one something of a mystery for now. I'd like to say it was just for the suspense, but I'm also a bit nervous about these. I wasn't given a choice in the text on these, or the others, really. But the others are about ACME. These are a bit more personal and I wonder why ACME is supplying me with them.

Current Mood: [mood icon] a bit puzzled

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March 4th, 2009

06:10 pm - Made the MFF Cartoon Diary

This fellow, who goes by the name kinkyturtle, draws cartoon diaries of the conventions and such he attends. He was at MFF this past November and evidently saw 2's show and thus my little delivery to the gryphon. Have a look at MFF Cartoon Diary, page 4-10. Though my horns aren't quite that stubby, I think it's pretty good likeness overall.

Current Mood: [mood icon] pleased

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February 27th, 2009

09:44 pm - Glad I have fur.

The lows have been in the single digits, Fahrenheit, for a while and look to be for a few more nights. The days are slightly warmer. The key word there is slightly. Add wind it doesn't really matter.

I don't really mind all that much. I'm generally comfortable when others are cold. But this little weather report does let me use my new "cold" icon. I haven't had that happen, icicles on my horns, while out delivering. Or I haven't had that happen yet. It is a funny icon. At least I think so.

Current Mood: [mood icon] cold

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February 26th, 2009

09:52 pm - I'm not the only one.

Wednesday's Strange Brew comic is right on.

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February 25th, 2009

09:09 pm - I am unique.

Isn't everyone, though? But if I enter my name on the How Many of Me web site, I get told that in the U.S. of A., "There are fewer than 1,529 people in the U.S. with the first name Orvan." and "There are fewer than 336 people in the U.S. with the last name Ox." And furthermore, "There are 1 or fewer people in the U.S. named Orvan Ox." [emphasis original].

Or fewer? I am Orvan Ox. Thus there is at least one. Pardon me, Hence there is at least one.

Current Mood: [mood icon] surprised

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February 23rd, 2009

02:55 pm - Journal now embedded on the ACME site.

My journal page on the ACME Delivery site had only a link to the journal before.

Today, with no small amount of technical assistance, that changed. The journal page now has the journal embedded right on it like it really should. The style will suffice, though I think it's possible to do a bit better. It was just the better looking of the two fairly uncluttered styles I found.

I uncovered a couple snags while doing all this. The IJ embedding information isn't there or isn't being generated right, but I got around that by looking at the LJ embedding information. Which, for python, seems to also be rather lacking and the code I wound up using doesn't look quite like LJ's example. Worse, the 'styleid' in the example, 101, doesn't seem to exist on IJ.

I've been looking for the right forum or community to ask if there is any guide to the active styleid numbers. I found a bunch that show different calendar views and different friends list views, and a few that show the journal itself. I know I can make a custom style, but if there is already one I'd like it doesn't make sense to repeat the work. If what I am really after doesn't exist, then it makes sense to do that work. And others might appreciate having that style option if there's a place to tell folks about it.

What am I after? Something a bit plainer than what I have for the journal if viewed on IJ itself. On IJ, it makes sense to have the sidebar with all the links. On the embed, those links don't need to be there. A few can be at the top like on the embed right now (that's style 29, by the way). It would be nice to have the icons accompanying every entry, too. Right now, I know how to get the icons or how to get away from the sidebar links, but not at the same time.

Current Mood: [mood icon] nerdy

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February 22nd, 2009

05:40 pm - I'd ask first, but I need to ask first.

Poll #3231 self-referential
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Should I post polls?

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You left out my choice!
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Current Mood: [mood icon] curious

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05:32 pm - Is something missing?

Is the ACME Delivery web site missing anything? I'm starting to get the feeling I might be overlooking something obvious.

Current Mood: [mood icon] curious

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January 31st, 2009

04:00 pm - My year? Much as I might wish it were...

I've been hearing some about this "Year of the Ox" or "Year of the Earth Ox" (an ox should be down to earth, I think) thing and I don't really get it. I don't think it's my year, any more than any other, anyway. Also, I know I'm not the ox, but merely an ox. I don't know who the ox is or would be.

I've also heard two versions of things. One is that the year of the ox is good luck for oxen and the other is that it is bad luck for oxen. I checked, and you know what? I wasn't born in an ox year. Does that mean I am an ox that is not an ox? Well, I know what I am, and that's all that really matters to me.

Current Mood: [mood icon] amused


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January 28th, 2009

06:40 am - Adorable? Cute? Me?

From RCSI Publishing's MFF 2008 con report:

"...when suddenly, this adorable ox named Orvan showed up with deliveries from ACME for Foxfeather, Lucky and both Matt and myself."

Adorable? I do not think of myself that way, but if someone else does, who am I to argue?

"Matt and I weren't sure what to expect from a package marked ACME, but he was so cute you couldn't help but trust him."

Cute? You know, I keep hearing that. I like it, but I can't quite believe it. Trustworthy I do believe, but so few others seem to. They seem to always expect a kaboom, somehow.

"Thank you for the box of goodies, Orvan Ox!"

You're welcome, of course. But I just deliver, really.

Current Mood: [mood icon] amused


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January 21st, 2009

06:00 am - Oh yeah, RCFM photos

The ACME Delivery photo gallery for RCFM 2008 ("Deep Six") is in place now. It has been for a few days, really. I do wonder what happened to that rope. Hopefully it was untied and put to better or at least non-use.

Current Mood: awake

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January 20th, 2009

10:09 pm - Just for the record...

I don't go around primate tipping.

Current Mood: [mood icon] peaceful

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January 9th, 2009

06:08 pm - MFF 2008 Photo Gallery

Whew. I know it's been over a month, but I finally have the MFF 2008 gallery up on the ACME Delivery site. I did what I could with some of the photos. That flash is intense and when close things are whitish it can wash stuff out. Hopefully my processing of the pictures helped enough. I'm glad that the photos of the delivery to 2 the Ranting Gryphon (while he was on stage! That was his idea, by the way.) turned out so well. This time there are pictures of every delivery I made at the convention. I think that's a first. And there are some pictures of me off the clock as I offer candy around.

I've also added a few items to the Product Page as well updated the pages about what conventions ACME has done (well, I have done) deliveries at and what conventions I might be going to. It's never a sure thing, but I really hope to make it back to Penguicon and RCFM again. And yes, I know, I still need to work on the gallery for the last RCFM.

Current Mood: [mood icon] productive

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January 6th, 2009

06:19 pm - It's been a while and there's this calendar thing again.

Wow, it's as if I forgot about the journal. Well, I haven't. It just seemed like it. I kept on figuring I'd make an entry about this or that and then not getting around to actually doing so.

One of things being done, besides dealing with the holidays, while I was neglecting this journal was taking care of the 2009 ACME calendar. And sheesh, what a thing that wound up being. The posing for December (the photo for which did not properly processed until way late... and don't blame the photographer) wasn't too bad. At least not compared to the endless meetings about what to do for 2009 since there just weren't enough readily available images built up through the year.

I figured a few nice scenic photos would be nice, but that idea went nowhere. So did a bunch of others. No, 2009 will look like 2008 should have. Yep, the 2009 calendar uses the new images. Look for yourself if you must. And then, as if that wasn't screwy enough, I got to go and revert all the progress on 2008 to the original images! Yes, really.

Hopefully that sort of nonsense won't be happening again. The 2010 calendar images will be taken during 2009, at least. And I'm stuck in them yet again. Sometime in the next few days the December picture, and maybe the January picture, will be taken. I say "picture" but it won't be one each. It'll be a bunch that all look almost alike and somehow one will be the Right One. I do get to keep my clothes on this time around, at least.

Hey, if anyone reading as ideas for what do for various months and they aren't outright repeats of the 2008 and 2009 images, I'm... well, I suppose I am curious. And a bit worried what folks might come up with.

Current Mood: [mood icon] relieved?

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November 14th, 2008

09:15 pm - Midwest FurFest Preparations

In case I didn't mention it, it's been confirmed that I will be delivering at Midwest FurFest again this year. So far it looks like I have thirteen deliveries to make, but it might be a couple less or a couple more. I know there will be at least ten parcels for certain. I've seen the stack.

I also will have the Cow Tales candy again, but just that. I won't have the crazy amount of odd candies I did last year.

Hopefully I can get the deliveries done fairly quickly and only have one or two candy runs. That way I can have some time for myself and enjoy the convention.

Current Mood: [mood icon] cheerful

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08:40 pm - Double belted

The belt I've been using for a while is fraying a bit. The buckle has teeth that chew up the fabric. I've been able to hide that fairly well, or so I thought.

But yesterday when I was told a bit about the deliveries for Midwest FurFest next weekend (more on that in the next post) it was noticed. I expected that to be bad. It turned out to be good, eventually.

I was given a few choices, all brown and black, but I had to reject them. Me? Wear leather? Not going to happen. That should not even have been suggested. I think the sudden realization of that did have a good result, besides a bit more awareness on someone's part.

I now have two new belts I can use and neither one is leather or has a belt-chewing buckle. One looks like old blue one did when new, except it's more a dark green or olive. The other has metal eyelets and looks more like what might be imagined if someone said "buckle" to you. That belt is a sort of yellow-green. The color might be a bit of a problem with the uniform for the style conscious. It's not quite a match and not all that different. If I recall, ideally it has to match exactly or be decidedly different. It's only a possible problem for others, really. It's not like I'm looking at myself all the time.

Current Mood: [mood icon] pleased


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