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ACME Delivery


April 16th, 2008

[info]orvan_ox08:37 pm - I've been carded. And I've been left holding the bag.

Ooh, that probably sounds worse than it is. Today I was given a stack of business cards, and not someone else's. These all have my name on them. So I now I have those to... well, give away. I wonder how I'll manage at Penguicon with the deliveries, the ribbons, and now the cards too.

I've wound up using a borrowed laundry bag to carry some parcels at times and that just didn't seem right. That shouldn't happen again. I now a have a big, and I do mean big, yellow ACME sack for that. I said bag in the title but the usual term in delivery usage is sack. It was the same way at the Post Office. Unless the thing could be locked, then it was a pouch.

Ah, the exciting life of a delivery ox, where such mundane things as business cards and a sack are noteworthy. Sometimes I worry that I might be becoming a little like that janitor fellow in UHF who is overly attached to his mop.

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