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ACME Delivery


January 22nd, 2008

[info]orvan_ox08:55 pm - Work at MFF and a visitor to a neighbor

I thought I was pretty busy at MFF this last time. I had heard a couple comments about that, which I didn't mind in the least. Tonight I happened to be looking over the IRC log for the Funday PawPet Show as I was watching it and saw a person comment, "That delivery ox was doing a lot of work." That's very gratifying. It's nice to know that effort gets noticed.

I had some more effort tonight, but not work related. A fellow stopped in at a neighbor's place a few houses down. This would be no big deal but it had been snowing all day and it's still snowing now - and the only snow removal equpiment that street has seen all day was the snow blower I was using tonight. The neighbor's place is partway down a hill. The visitor was driving a pickup. It was not four wheel drive.

That's not a good combination and the street was pretty slick as the driver found out when he tried to leave. He wound up backing down some to try find traction or get a running start and it didn't really work. Every time he tried he wound up farther down the hill until he ran out of downhill and managed to get to a level side street. Too bad that that side street is a dead-end. So it meant a running start to a turn and then another try at hill climbing. I saw him do this a few times.

I took a break from working the snowblower and went see what I could do. I know the truck engine did the majority of the work, but I still feel like I pushed that pickup most of the way up that hill.

I do wonder about some of the folks that went down that hill this evening. I have my doubts they'll get back up it again until the streets have been plowed and sanded. One smart lady had someone drop her off and walked down rather than get a car stuck somewhere down there.

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