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ACME Delivery


May 18th, 2009

[info]orvan_ox05:29 am - RCFM stuff piles up, Of Penguicon photos, and strange vehicles

It's not a big, huge pile, but it is there and almost complete. All but three or four items for RCFM are ready to go. There are not as many items as for Penguicon (whew!) and not many big ones, either. A few items are quite small, too.

I have yet to see any photos of the deliveries at the wedding at Penguicon or of the delivery at Opening Ceremonies. There likely weren't that many folks carrying cameras at the wedding and I understand a wedding photographer skipping a delivery even as odd as it might be (or just not having a decent view for a photo), but nothing from opening ceremonies? That's a surprise. I don't expect to see much of myself, but, well, were folks too busy picking their jaws up off of the floor to take pictures of that tigress?

It's always weird using a strange vehicle. I have a different delivery vehicle for a couple days and I'll probably be used to it about time to be rid of it. The big problem is that it's a shared vehicle so no personal anything gets left in it. And the radio will always be too loud and poorly set when I start out. I just shut the thing off rather than fiddle with it.

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