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ACME Delivery


November 30th, 2007

[info]orvan_ox09:25 pm - ACME ribbon

It looks like there's a pretty good chance that ACME will have me delivering at Penguicon again in 2008. I hope so. I quite enjoyed Penguicon last year.

One thing I've seen at Penguicon is a proliferation of ribbons on the official convention badges. It's not limited to Guests of Honor, Panelists, Security, Gophers and such. The ribbon can be from anyone for just about anything. Naturally this has been seen as a way for ACME to advertise. I would expect anyone who interacted with an ACME representative (hey, it might not be me that ACME sends... I have to be realistic) would probably get a simple ribbon that just read "ACME" on it and I would guess it would be black text on yellow. But it could be different.

There is also the possibility of a special ribbon, only given to those who receive (or have received) ACME items. The problem is what such a ribbon ought to look like. Such things would need different text and probably a different color scheme, and yet somehow still be obviously ACME.

This is tricky as the text has to be rather short. Twenty characters of text might be pushing things and it should be all on one line. Simple is good.

I have no idea what the ACME marketing folks will come up with, but I'm curious about what others can come up with. Who knows, maybe ACME will use one of the.. uh.. I guess I should call them suggestions rather than guesses.

You can leave suggestions as a reply to this post. Or if you don't want the world seeing your great idea, you can leave it in this poll.

Poll #648 ACME badge ribbons for Penguicon
Open to: All, results viewable to: None

What should an ACME customer ribbon read?

What should an ACME customer ribbon have for a color scheme?

Thank you.

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