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ACME Delivery


March 6th, 2009

[info]orvan_ox09:33 pm - Penguicon Ribbons

I'm not asking about them this time around, as it's all been decided already. Hopefully this time the plain ACME ribbons will be printed correctly. I won't be trying as hard to give them away as fewer were ordered. Yep, one place ACME is cutting back is those ribbons.

I'll have four ribbons to give away:

ACME - These go to pretty much anyone who wants one, while they last.

ACME CUSTOMER - These go to folks who get (or have ever gotten) an ACME delivery. (These are the same as last year as it's still same stock.)

ACME SUPPLIER - These will go to folks who have sent or supplied delivery items to me directly. There are very few of these as this is a surprisingly small group.

And there is one other ribbon that will be almost as rare as the "supplier" ribbons that I have some of my own discretion about. I'm keeping that one something of a mystery for now. I'd like to say it was just for the suspense, but I'm also a bit nervous about these. I wasn't given a choice in the text on these, or the others, really. But the others are about ACME. These are a bit more personal and I wonder why ACME is supplying me with them.

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