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ACME Delivery


January 6th, 2009

[info]orvan_ox06:19 pm - It's been a while and there's this calendar thing again.

Wow, it's as if I forgot about the journal. Well, I haven't. It just seemed like it. I kept on figuring I'd make an entry about this or that and then not getting around to actually doing so.

One of things being done, besides dealing with the holidays, while I was neglecting this journal was taking care of the 2009 ACME calendar. And sheesh, what a thing that wound up being. The posing for December (the photo for which did not properly processed until way late... and don't blame the photographer) wasn't too bad. At least not compared to the endless meetings about what to do for 2009 since there just weren't enough readily available images built up through the year.

I figured a few nice scenic photos would be nice, but that idea went nowhere. So did a bunch of others. No, 2009 will look like 2008 should have. Yep, the 2009 calendar uses the new images. Look for yourself if you must. And then, as if that wasn't screwy enough, I got to go and revert all the progress on 2008 to the original images! Yes, really.

Hopefully that sort of nonsense won't be happening again. The 2010 calendar images will be taken during 2009, at least. And I'm stuck in them yet again. Sometime in the next few days the December picture, and maybe the January picture, will be taken. I say "picture" but it won't be one each. It'll be a bunch that all look almost alike and somehow one will be the Right One. I do get to keep my clothes on this time around, at least.

Hey, if anyone reading as ideas for what do for various months and they aren't outright repeats of the 2008 and 2009 images, I'm... well, I suppose I am curious. And a bit worried what folks might come up with.

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