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ACME Delivery


October 12th, 2008

[info]orvan_ox09:15 am - October and November

The new October and November ACME Calendar images are up and in place now. October has been for a few days, I just haven't said anything about it until now.

I wasn't that nervous in the October shot, but more frustrated. So many times of "let's do that again" and I have dark suspicions about a few shots taken after the line wore through. Goofy setup. It could have been made to just look like that, but no. In the name of realism it was just like it looked and there were a few ropes cut through. Seems rather wasteful to me.

The session for November went much better. At least I got to keep something on for all of that. And I got to pick the color, at least. A nice dark blue seemed good, to avoid any more nonsense like what happened during the shoot for July. I do look good in November, though I think at least some of that is good retouching work.

Only December to go, for this year. It will so nice to have that over and done. I really hope the pictures for next year will all be like those I posed for about a week ago. That is, fully clothed.

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