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ACME Delivery


June 18th, 2008

[info]orvan_ox08:45 pm - New July and August calendar images

ACME 2008 Calendar Index

The new pictures for both July and August are in place now. July wasn't too bad, but I was wondering what all the waiting was about. That's the nice picture for the public to see. There was another one taken a moment or two later, after the wave hit. Water and white swimsuits don't mix, at least not that one. I wasn't given an actual finished product as that would have had to be pulled from inventory. Instead it was some early prototype, done before the problem with wet and white was caught. I suspect there are a few copies going around that I'd rather did not exist. Also, it's not easy to hold a "wink" for a long time.

August was more active work, but easier to do if that makes sense. Much less fiddling around for that picture. The "rope" has a steel rod core so going downhill isn't a race against the wagon it looks like would happen. And the back of the harness is more complicated that the front suggests. I'm not sure why the wink is there in this one, but the photographer and art director both wanted it.

I'm a bit concerned about the September picture. I overheard a mention of a transparent beach ball. And a lot of giggling. That can't be good.

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